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Awards: Finding The Right One

The key to successful recognition is selecting the appropriate kind of award.
To do so, you first need to be aware of it's purpose. What do you want the
award to do?

  • Show gratitude, recognize membership, encourage achievement or reward accomplishment?
  • Is it important to emphasize the activity, contest or competition for which it is given?
  • Do you want to create a sense of common belonging, or mark someone for distinction?

    We can then guide you through what item would be most appropriate for the reason you
    are giving it. Some things to keep in mind while choosing the right award:

  • It is representative of what was accomplished.
  • It's Consistant with the purpose and image of the company or organization giving it.
  • Is it right for the activity and level or importance of the achievement?
  • Make sure it's in line with your budget.

    Some of your choices:

  • Trophies and Trophy Cups
  • Plaques and Certificates
  • Custom Framing and Laminated Plaques
  • Medals, Ribbons and Pins
  • Resin Figures
  • Glass and Crystal
  • Bronze, Silver & Pewter Items
  • Sculptures
  • Gift Items & Desk Acessories
  • Custom Awards

    Below are links to vendors we purchase from. Please feel free to browse each
    website to view the variety of award choices we offer.

    Visions Awards
    Visions Awards | Awardcraft | AITG Inc.
    Glass Graphics
    Glass Graphics
    JDS Industries
    JDS Industries
    RS Owens
    RS Owens
    Continental Trophies
    Continental Trophy | CAT
    Plastic Dress Up
    PDU | Plastic Dress Up Co.
    MPI | Marco Plastics

    Liberty Supply Co.
    Liberty Supply Co.

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